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myTaskServer for Microsoft Excel Release

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myTaskServer for Microsoft Excel

myTaskServer for Microsoft Excel has been redesigned from the ground up, to simplify how project managers work with their tasks, projects, resources and documents in Microsoft Excel.

Just enable myTaskServer in any of your Excel workbooks, and start sending out tasks to your resources.

The main goal was to make it easier for end-users to define, edit and synchronize tasks, projects and documents by using our very own worksheet template deployed with our add-in.

We went one step further, and developed the myTaskServer Task Pane which hosts a collection of tools to further engage with your tasks:

  • MTS Task Editor: easily create, prepare, or edit your tasks in a form
  • MTS Task Documents: view, add, and manage your tasks documents
  • MTS Task History: gain access to the complete history of your tasks, and see the fields that have been changed

Define multiple projects in a single Excel worksheet, while also being able to manage all your myTaskServer resources in a special Resource Sheet.

Easily import any project or resource that you've already synchronized to myTaskServer, manage task level documents, and get going with your projects in record time.


  • One-click synchronization with myTaskServer (send out prepared tasks and unsent updates, receive task updates and newly defined tasks)
  • Option for Automatic synchronization (synchronize every 5 minutes)
  • Define specific notification and synchronization settings for each of your myTaskServer enabled workbooks
  • Import myTaskServer resources into the designated Resource Sheet
  • Import myTaskServer projects into the existing worksheet
  • Edit your tasks and define new ones with the MTS Task Editor
  • Manage task documents with MTS Task Documents
  • View your tasks previous states with MTS Task History
  • Multi-project is on by default (you can define any number of myTaskServer projects inside a single worksheet file)
  • ... and much more.

Product Page: myTaskServer for Microsoft Excel


myTaskServer Task Editor

myTaskServer Task Editor is part of the brand new myTaskServer Task Pane tool collection, adding yet another way to work with your
tasks in our grid-based add-ins.

It intelligently looks up all the defined projects and resources in your project/workbook files, and suggests them when you define a new task, in order to ease your workflow, and enable you to define tasks faster than ever.

After defining or editing a task, you can directly send out the task/update from within the Task Editor.​

You can even start defining a task in the worksheet, and use the Task Editor to continue where you left off.


myTaskServer Task History

All the synchronized changes that you've ever made to your tasks will be available right now, in the brand new myTaskServer Task History task pane tool.

As the second addition to our myTaskServer Task Pane tool collection, the Task History enables you, to see all the previous states of your myTaskServer tasks in a table like form, sorted by the moment they were modified.

Click on a history entry, and see the detailed task information on the selected task.

See what and when did your resources change their tasks.


Send tasks to and from your mobile phone!

Grab the myTaskServer mobile app from the official stores below, and start synchronizing with Microsoft Project / Outlook!

Googleplay Applestore
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