Outlook Integration

We're happy to announce that we're releasing an update to Outlook Integration, bundled together with a completely redesigned version of myTaskServer for Microsoft Project.

Today marks the day, where myTaskServer became a standalone service, and we would like to offer you some brief information about it.

We've launched a new website,, where you can see the details about our plans, services, and individual applications.

myTaskServer: Shareable projects and push notifications update

The myTaskServer system has been enriched with new features and performance upgrades. Both the desktop clients and the smartphone application has been brought up to a whole new level, offering a lot of exciting things. 

Calendar selector update for Outlook Integration is out now 

We've added support, for selecting the calendar folder, you wish to save your calendar appointments to.

myTaskServer: Connecting Project People

The most exciting product, that we released recently is definitely myTaskServer, assisting the Project Manager in sending out tasks and getting status back available on multiple platforms like Microsoft Project for Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Offering a majority of ways to use the product, it can become a powerful tool for any project manager.

Outlook Integration 2.0 is out now 

Outlook Integration has been enriched with new features, improved performance and a more intuitive user interface.

We're constantly designing and developing add-ins, that are able to simplify daily tasks, and add new and exciting features to Microsoft Project.

Project Notifications

Microsoft Project Notifications enables a notification window while opening a project, which displays all the late tasks, together with their assigned resources. The application lets you complete any of these late tasks with a click of a button.

Resource Absence Gantt

Resource Absence Gantt gives you an overview of the absence (time off) of your resources used in the current schedule. Based on the calendar exceptions in Microsoft Project, the application highlights the non-working days of every resource that is assigned to a task, right in the Gantt chart.

Future Past Sorter

The application helps sort out the project past and project future after update, so tasks appear correct time frame in the schedule

Check out the full list of Microsoft Project add-ins at the following address: Power2Plan Project add-ins

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Efficiency and effectiveness are two major factors to every project.


Resource Absence is an application developed to help a Project Manager keep track of the resources, by producing a report with an overview over all resources and their time off.

24 March

When Task Meets Deadline

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Summary of the article

Deadline Link is an application which gives a project manager the possibility of setting dates for important tasks or milestones, you can find it here

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