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Outlook Integration is a new application that connects the resources and their project manager wherever they are. In this way, you can work from home, or the beach because your Project Manager can send you the tasks you need to do directly from Microsoft Project, through Outlook. You can find it here

24 March

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Working in Project Management, means working with Gantt Charts. A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project schedule. A type of bar chart, Gantt charts show the start and finish dates of the different required elements of a project.  Some project managers color their Gantt with different colors for different resources. You can color the Gantt according with resources using 

19 March

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The main point of using timelines to communicate with people who don’t necessarily know Microsoft Project or Gantt diagrams. Timeline makes easier to track the project schedule. You can see the “big picture”, some tasks and milestones. You make sure that your project is running according with schedule. You can create Multiple Timelines with

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