Outlook Integration 2.0 is out now 

Outlook Integration has been enriched with new features, improved performance and a more intuitive user interface.

Power2plan have released an application for Excel that allows sending out tasks to resources from any excel sheet.

Find it here:

The functionality offers build-in type excel functions for picking up information from sheet cells of choice and using them in direct communication with resources.

Resources receive tasks on e-mail with options to accept or complete, or in mobile app with more options.

So now you can communicate with resources on the move from a Excel Sheet - awesome?

We're constantly designing and developing add-ins, that are able to simplify daily tasks, and add new and exciting features to Microsoft Project.

Project Notifications

Microsoft Project Notifications enables a notification window while opening a project, which displays all the late tasks, together with their assigned resources. The application lets you complete any of these late tasks with a click of a button.

Resource Absence Gantt

Resource Absence Gantt gives you an overview of the absence (time off) of your resources used in the current schedule. Based on the calendar exceptions in Microsoft Project, the application highlights the non-working days of every resource that is assigned to a task, right in the Gantt chart.

Future Past Sorter

The application helps sort out the project past and project future after update, so tasks appear correct time frame in the schedule

Check out the full list of Microsoft Project add-ins at the following address: Power2Plan Project add-ins

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