FAQ Outlook Integration

To send out tasks to resources, you have to right-click on a task in Microsoft Project , click on the Send Task To Resource button, configure the task and click Send
Outlook Integration enables you, to transfer any Microsoft Project task as an Outlook calendar appointment, into any of your calendars. To do that, right-click on a task in Microsoft Project, click on Save Task To Calendar and follow the dialogbox. The task will be saved as a calendar appointment in the selected calendar.
After a task was sent out to a resource and you want to get back the status of it, you have to use the Update Tasks feature. In order to get the updates, you must have Outlook opened, so Outlook Integration can find the latest update to the tasks. The feature updates the completed percentage, start and finish dates, and task notes.
Outlook Integration features an automatic update feature. To start it, select a time interval from the Update Frequency dropdown. The tasks will be checked and updated automatically. To stop this feature, select the Off option from the dropdown menu.
To align (sync) the tasks from Microsoft Project (that were transferred to your calendar as appointments), to your calendar appointments in Outlook, you have to use the Sync Calendar button from the ribbon. According to the option selected in the dropdown above the button (Update method - specifies the way the update/sync will happen) either the Microsoft Project tasks or the Outlook calendar appointments will be aligned to their counterparts. This means, that the start and finish dates will be changed, so they always match eachother. 
If you want to install Outlook Integration via a deployment system, please use the MSI installer package, that can be found on the bottom of the product page.
This feature is not supported by Outlook, because once a task is delegated to another Outlook user, we can't make changes to that task anymore. An option to get around this limitation is to send out Meeting Requests instead of Tasks, which can be edited afterwards, however, the Meeting Requests don't have a % complete field, and they can't be completed.
For more help, please download the product manual for Outlook Integration, that can be found here: Outlook Integration Product Manual 

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