Mobile App for myTaskServer - Task Done

Whether you're a resource or a project manager, being connected to your tasks is essential

  • View the tasks that are assigned to you, complete or edit them
  • Manage your projects in your portfolio
  • Check up on the tasks that you've sent out to your resources
  • Edit and notify the resources or the owners of the tasks
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You'll never forget about a task with myTaskServer's notification service

  • Push notifications directly on your mobile phone, regarding new tasks, tasks updates and more
  • Easy to use email notifications sent out to your resources, where they can ACCEPT or COMPLETE a task with a click of a button
  • Disable email notifications from the mobile app


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View your tasks and projects in multiple ways

  • Handy calendar view for the resources
  • Hierarchical project view
  • Tasks with the nearest finish date are always on top
  • Categorize projects by owner: My Projects and Shared Projects 


It's time to start sharing your projects

  • Share any of your projects with any myTaskServer user
  • Assign Read-only or Read&Write permissions to your projects, so the users can create, edit, archive or even delete tasks in them
  • View the projects that are shared with you in the My Portfolio page
  • View a detailed summary of every project, where you can see the users you've shared it with, and the respective permission you gave them
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Feature list

  • View your assigned tasks in 3 different views in the My Tasks section
  • Change task state with a tap of a button
  • Calendar view for My Tasks 
  • View the tasks that you've sent out to your resources in the Pending Tasks section
  • Edit, archive or delete any of the tasks you've created or have read & write permissions on
  • Get a list of all the projects you're working on, or you're invited to in My Portfolio 
  • Share the projects that you're an owner of, with any myTaskServer user
  • Rename, archive or delete your own projects, or the ones you've got read & write permissions on
  • Send out push / email notifications to your resources via task updates
  • Disable email notifications from the Settings
  • Specify a timeframe for the tasks to appear in


 Download it now: